CaseLines delivers instant benefits to your organisation and all the parties in the case. CaseLines simplifies bundle preparation and lowers cost. It allows counsel, judges, court staff and lawyers to work on the same set of documents at an early stage, and to do so securely and remotely. And it saves carbon – for one large client the saving is equivalent to 2,000 trees per month

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Full details of the CaseLines solution can be found on the Solutions page. Please call us on 0203 301 3762. Our account teams will be very happy to help you get started over the phone or come to your office and demonstrate the service.

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CaseLines can completely eliminate paper in the trial environment. The cost savings are not limited to the paper alone, but also include the staff cost of filing and retrieval, the space costs of storage and the costs and delays of using couriers and the DX to ship paper. Few organisations realise the true lifetime cost of handling paper, which is usually at least 25p per page. Our customers also report significant labour cost savings – for one customer, case teams have tripled their caseload since adopting CaseLines. The service is also popular with administrative staff, who are nowadays under huge pressure because of budget cuts. CaseLines removes drudgery and makes employee’s lives easier.
Netmaster Solutions is certified to ISO 27001 for Information Security Management. Case data is stored in Tier 1 datacentres and uses encryption for data in transit and, optionally, at rest.  CaseLines improves management of security over case files with audit trails showing who has accessed any case or document and when. The alternative, without CaseLines, is that users must rely on paper or sending documents by email.  However, paper can be lost or misplaced, and has virtually no effective audit trail. Even sending documents (such as a pdf bundle) by email is far less secure than CaseLines, since documents are very commonly sent via unencrypted email, and there is no subsequent audit trail to allow enforcement of the security provisions.
CaseLines speeds up delivery of briefs to counsel and allows counsel and juniors to start preparing a case even while the bundle build is ongoing. Sharing notes allows the whole team to see case issues as they emerge. CaseLines is a collaborative system that ensures each side (and the judge) can see the evidence at a much earlier stage. The effect is more considered decisions and earlier settlements – in fact one customer reports a 70% decrease in cases going to trial as a result of using CaseLines.

Why Choose CaseLines

  • When you need to digitise your trial and litigation processes quickly and easily
  • When you need a courtroom presentation system that is cost effective for cases small and large
  • For a system that works in multiple courts with thousands of users
  • To take risk and stress out of bundling and make remote working possible
  • To support carbon reduction initiatives and save cost at the same time
  • For one-click streaming of stored video in court


Online technology is saving firms time & money. Managing partners often ask: “What are the benefits of online bundle technology to my law firm?”

Time and cost are the most important savings (not forgetting elimination of paper).

Paul Sachs, New Law Journal
Hugely impressed by the CaseLines service. Customer Support was superb and the bundle which was produced for the court was first class. Even the Judge (HHJ Behrens sitting in the High Court in Leeds) described the bundle as “immaculate”.
CaseLines is very useful in managing complex and document-heavy pieces of litigation. It means that an otherwise unwieldy task of reviewing, collating and sharing thousands of pages of documents with all parties involved on a case (cross-team, to the client’s nominated persons, counsel and opponent) is both straightforward and immediate.
Harriet Jenkins, Mathew Arnold Baldwin