All the answers you need to the many challenges of evidence management

Used in courts around the world, and widely endorsed by judges, CaseLines is the advanced cloud-collaboration solution that offers true digitisation. It is far superior to using unsecure, unconnected pdfs and eliminates the ever-rising cost of handling paper.

Simpler, More Affordable, Greater Efficiency, Extra Security

  • The only system purpose-built for the legal world
  • The only economic system for large or small cases
  • Highest levels of security based on proven technology
  • Convenient cloud-based collaboration
  • Simple to use – minimal training required
  • Works in multiple courts with thousands of users
  • Less chance of mislaid or corrupted evidence
  • Fully traceable audit trail – effortless version control
  • Multimedia capable – one-click video streaming in court

CaseLines: The Evidence

Our figures prove CaseLines’ success around the world.


Saves paper the weight of 0 African elephants
(0kg) every year


Safely holds 0M pages of evidence –
(Increasing by 0M pages per month)


Over 0
users across the
legal landscape


Judges now use
the system


Used daily in


More than

“CPS and HMCTS have worked together to transform the Crown Court into a digital environment, saving the CPS 29 million sheets of paper, reducing stationery costs by an estimated £2.7 million in the last year and sparing approximately 245 trees per year.”

The Crown Prosecution Service

The Evidence Speaks for Itself:Trusted by these and many more…

  • Ministry of Justice
  • DIFC
  • Orbis public law
  • OCJ South Africa