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Where is CaseLines used?

CaseLines provides the Crown Court Digital Case System used in all the Crown Courts of England and Wales. The service takes input from the Crown Prosecution Service and, through HMCTS, the Magistrates Courts. Prosecution bundles are prepared using the CCDCS and service on the defence is effected by inviting defence parties to the case. The service is also used for presentation of cases at trial. There are currently over 80,000 cases in the system.
CaseLines has been adopted by the Supreme Court following a trial that began in October 2014. The service has been used for a wide variety of cases and is used by the Court both for offline review and in court presentation of evidence and arguments.
CaseLines is used daily for Children’s Act cases in the Family Courts, including applications for child protection orders. The service allows secure sharing of sensitive data between care professionals including care workers and health experts.

The CaseLines service has been used for over five years by Local Authorities and Fire Services to prepare cases for tribunal use and for service of documents on opposing parties. The result has been a significant increase in the proportion of settled cases.

CaseLines is used by Local Authorities for Health and Safety prosecutions and also by a large number of civil solicitors to bring cases in a variety of Courts, including the High Court.

CaseLines was used for an international arbitration, heard in London between a Japanese applicant and a Swiss respondent. The bundle comprised 110,000 pages.