CaseLines History
CaseLines was founded by Paul Sachs, a leading expert in the field of legal technology and the former Director of the AI labs at PA Consulting.

CaseLines benefits from ten years of research and development, combining skills and views of technical experts, solicitors, barristers, judges and supporting functions. CaseLines is the front-runner and go-to company in the evidence management field.

CaseLines has established the leading reputation for effective preparation and presentation of trial evidence. CaseLines’ pre-eminence led to its selection by the UK Supreme Court in 2014 and the Crown Prosecution Service in 2015. CaseLines now manages evidence for over 10,000 cases each month with bundles of up to 200,000 pages.

CaseLines has been providing evidence bundling and courtroom presentation services for litigators since 2010. We now have unrivalled experience supporting litigators with cases of all possible sizes, from 100 page criminal cases to 100,000 page group litigation cases, with everything in between.

In 2014 CaseLines was chosen by the UK Supreme Court for a digital court trial, and we are now the recommended choice for UKSC cases.

In 2015 CaseLines was chosen by the UK Government to digitise all of the criminal courts in England and Wales. We now support over 70 courts, with over 500 new cases created each day.

In 2016, CaseLines developed two major firsts in the digital courtroom space – one-click video streaming, allowing body worn camera evidence to be stored and streamed to court – and language localisation, allowing the CaseLines service to be offered in six languages, with more planned