Management Team

Jon McNerney

Jon McNerney – Chief Executive Officer

Jon is the Chief Executive Officer and brings over 30 years of international experience in revenue generation, marketing and business development. Before joining CaseLines Jon was the Senior Vice President at Forrester Research where he oversaw European sales. Previously Jon was Executive VP of EMEA Business Development at Kaseya, Chief Operating Officer at the Internet Society and General Manager of International Operations at Talisma.

In his spare time Jon is a history buff, an avid rugby fan and enjoys jogging and cooking in unequal measures.

Paul Sachs

Paul Sachs – Founder and Chief Technology Officer

As Founder and Chief Technology Officer of CaseLines Paul devotes his time to exploring how technology enables step changes of efficiency in justice systems. Paul conceived CaseLines in 2008 and spent over seven years working closely with judges, solicitors and barristers to create a system that has transformed modern justice systems.

Prior to developing CaseLines Paul focused on delivering high quality and innovative solutions that deliver within complex ecosystems. He developed the HM Treasury gilts and carbon trading auction system, responsible for trading £5bn weekly and is critical to the UK economy. He is also the former Director of AI Labs at PA Consulting.

In his spare time Paul is an avid yacht skipper and hot air balloon enthusiast.

David Jackson

David Jackson – Senior Vice President Business Development

As Senior Vice President Business Development David is responsible for establishing CaseLines as category leader for evidence management worldwide. David brings over 20 years of consulting and management experience, which included running IT systems for the UK’s Home and Cabinet Offices. Previously, David was a CaseLines client and brings practical experience of using CaseLines in civil litigation and a deep understanding of the requirements for government IT. Prior to joining CaseLines in 2015 David held positions at McKinsey & Co., Fujitsu and was a partner with EY.

In his spare time David is a rock climbing and skiing enthusiast.

Sean O'Connell

Sean O’Connell – Vice President Marketing

Sean O’Connell is Vice President Marketing and brings over 20 years experience in marketing, communications and business development. Prior to joining CaseLines Sean was a Marketing Consultant and, previously, the interim Marketing Director at the RSA Group and Director of Global Marketing at IDBS.

In his spare time Sean runs a chamber choir and is a keen chef.

Sarah Sweeting

Sarah Sweeting – Head of Client Services

As Head of Client Services Sarah is dedicated to ensuring a successful outcome for every CaseLines client. Sarah brings over 25 years experience in client facing roles and oversees customer services, support and training.  Prior to joining CaseLines Sarah was an IT Trainer at Kent Police and Bonhams.

In her spare time Sarah enjoys walking her dog and live music.