Case Preparation

Seamless Collaboration

A key advantage of using CaseLines compared to traditional pdf case files is that counsel and other parties can start work on the case even before it is finalized. Hyperlinks and annotations can be added to documents before the case file is complete, safe in the knowledge that when new documents are added the relative positions of links and notes will remain undisturbed.

Optimised for Case Preparation

CaseLines offers full text based and “sounds like” searching within the case, making it easy to build up a line of argument. Users can make private notes and can also can share notes within a restricted community. For example, solicitor, leading counsel and junior can share notes – this feature is a major benefit in the Crown Courts where counsel might have to “return” a case; with CaseLines all the preparation notes are retained and can be passed to newly instructed counsel.

CaseLines Case Preparation

Key Benefits

  • Court Ready Printable Case Files
    At any time the whole case can be downloaded as one or more court ready PDFs. These can be printed or securely stored on electronic devices for working off-line or sending to third parties.
  • Late arriving documents sub-numbered
    Late arriving documents are marked as ‘inserts’. They are sub-numbered into the bundle so as not to disturb the page numbering of the case file. They take on the number of the previous page in the case file plus a sequence of letters (a, b, c etc.) to an unlimited level.
  • Automatic hyperlinking index to documents
    Adding manual hyperlinks is fast and flexible. The case file PDF is bookmarked with index entries and the index itself is fully hyperlinked into the body of the case file. This feature permits case preparation to start before the case file is complete as hyperlinks are maintained when new evidence is added to a case.
  • Automatic page numbering
    The case file is numbered automatically.  There are choices for the colour, position, and size of the page number as well as continuous or section based numbering.  The numbering is revised whenever a document is inserted.  The numbering can be frozen at an agreed time after which new documents are sub-numbered into the case file e.g. 2a, 2b, 2c etc.
  • Core Case File
    Documents are selected for inclusion in a core case file for presentation to the judge. Additional documents can be inserted into the core case file during the trial with sub-numbering if required. The page numbering of the main case file is displayed alongside the core case file numbering.
  • Single location for all documents
    CaseLines is a single case file store that saves time and effort when organising and presenting the document case file.
  • Multi-media
    Audio and video files are loaded directly into the case file keeping the evidence in one place.  Placeholder pages are inserted into the case file with hyperlinks to the media files.
  • Multi-user
    Many people can work simultaneously on the case file.  For example one person can load documents while another applies comments to documents in the same section
  • Multiple document types
    A wide variety of documents are loaded without the need for pre-processing.  All documents are automatically converted into PDFs and OCRed including Word documents, emails, spreadsheets and many other formats.
  • Redaction
    Redaction is fast and easy.  One ‘swipe’ of the mouse adds a rectangular redaction to the page.  Two versions of the finished case file are available: the redacted version and a ‘see-through’ version for internal review.