CaseLines, the world’s leading solution for evidence management and courtroom presentation, today announced that its system now stores evidence for over 200,000 trials. CaseLines is now used daily by over 1,000 judges for trials and hearings as varied as major civil claims, public law cases and criminal law.

CaseLines has become a settled part of the delivery of digital justice across the UK and in other countries. On Friday this week, Paul Sachs, CaseLines’ CTO will be presenting the Litigation Lawyer/Team of the Year Award at the Lawyers in Local Government Awards. The company is also a beacon for British software exports, delivering digital justice solutions to lawyers around the world.

CaseLines occupies a central role in the modern courtroom, which in the past few months it has used to provide a perfect platform to deliver to the justice system much needed innovations, such as streaming video evidence and on-demand virtual hearings.

“This latest milestone demonstrates the confidence of our customers and our critical value to them. CaseLines is empowering our customers to assemble and deliver secure legal documents, court bundles, deal bibles and contracts at a fraction of the cost and time required through manual processes. Lawyers in Local Government, especially, are seeing the value of CaseLines to help them prepare public law cases and to present in court” said David Jackson of CaseLines.


Comments on the News

Paul Sachs, CaseLines’ Chief Technology Officer said: “This is another exciting milestone for our company. We are showing the legal community how easy it is to go entirely paperless in the traditional environment of a Courtroom. In the next few months we will also be demonstrating a stream of further innovation including the application of Artificial Intelligence.” 

About Netmaster Solutions and CaseLines

Netmaster Solutions Ltd is a global leader in cloud-based solutions for the legal services market, delivering collaborative cloud-based services for courts, lawyers and Government legal bodies.

Netmaster’s CaseLines courtroom presentation and e-bundle system is used in the Supreme Court, Civil and Public Law cases and in the Crown Court Digital Case System (“CCDCS”) across England & Wales.

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