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CaseLines and the Public Law project at HMCTS

On the 7th February Emma Petty posted the latest blog report for the Public Law project at HMCTS.  This is an important project for all users of the Family Courts [...]

Trials Go Paperless At DIFC Courts In Regional First

DIFC Courts adopts the most globally advanced version of the e-bundling service, pioneering new online dispute resolution services All cases filed from 1st July 2018 will be paperless following adoption [...]

Latest Direction Calls For More Efficient Justice

The latest practice direction from The Honourable Mr Justice Popplewell calls for greater efficiency in justice. The Honourable Mr Justice Popplewell has laid down strict guidelines for efficient application submission, making it clear [...]

Our latest article in the New Law Journal

CaseLines: time to take a second look? ‘Online courts, case management & CaseLines have moved on. We have increased our market share, our areas of excellence & our impact on [...]

CaseLines And Iken Announce New Initiative

CaseLines and Iken, leaders in digital case management for Local Authorities, today announce their joint initiative to deliver integration to allow Iken clients to send evidence documents directly from Iken [...]

CaseLines exploits AI for de-duplication in evidence bundles 

Continuing to break new ground in digital evidence management, CaseLines today announced the first fruits of its new artificial intelligence research programme. Released today, lawyers can now use CaseLines to automatically detect [...]

CaseLines – The UK Leader In Digital Court Solutions Announces New Milestone

Weeks after announcing over 50 million pages, CaseLines now has over 200,000 cases stored online CaseLines, the world’s leading solution for evidence management and courtroom presentation, today announced that its [...]

CaseLines and LLG Celebrate Top Local Legal Talent at LLG Awards

CaseLines are joining forces with Lawyers in Local Government to recognise the outstanding work undertaken by lawyers and business managers within local government at the Lawyers in Local Government Awards. [...]

Latest Gov News Direct Paper Is a CaseLines Exclusive

The latest Gov News Direct paper is a CaseLines exclusive offering to local authority legal departments https://buff.ly/2xrYVXi       

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