Courts are the foundation of our justice system. They are the key to building fair, effective and dependable justice. However, courts must continually evolve to meet the needs of its users. By combining traditional court processes with the power of modern technology CaseLines offers the innovation that today’s courts need to deliver efficient justice systems that serve everyone. 

Streamlined paperless processes 

Paper is a burden for courts. It’s expensive throughout its lifecycle and puts an unsustainable, ever-growing cost on modern justice systems. Simply digitising through shared pdfs can never offer the ease of use that judges are calling for. Our vision is simple. Any solution for modern courts must be secure, collaborative and efficient. CaseLines’ innovative technology streamlines court processes to provide the efficiency that modern justice demands by enhancing performance and cutting costs. It improves the experience for all users at every level from the public to the judiciary, and ensures a single dependable version of truth.  

Key Features 

  • Build and present cases in one system 
  • Single location for all documents/media 
  • Information always accessible to relevant parities 


Secure systems are fundamental for courts to benefit from technological innovation. That’s why we put security centre stage to ensure secure, dependable justice. CaseLines allows courts to take control of their security processes to ensure the integrity, confidentiality and availability of court records.  

Key Features 

  • ISO27001 accredited  
  • Secure cloud-based security 
  • Full audit trail of all actions 


In today’s global economy courts are no longer immune to competition. Modern justice systems must remain efficient, cost effective and pioneering to stay competitive. Implementing new technology will help the judiciary meet the evolving needs of judges and the business community. CaseLines eliminates outdated processes that hinder justice and accelerates the judicial process.  

Key Features 

  • Global real time collaboration  
  • Virtual hearings 
  • Sustainable 


Judges are at the forefront of modernising justice systems. CaseLines gives judges the ability to build an efficient courtroom that inspires public confidence and upholds the rule of law. Cases can now be prepared anytime, anywhere without the weight of paper (literally) holding you down.  CaseLines is here for your court now. As a proven system there are no teething problems, development time or the need to pay for outside consultants. We can deliver a fully digitised modern justice system for your courtroom today. 

Key Features 

  • Time saving – everyone works from the same bundle version 
  • Quick and easy to navigate and direct parties to specific pages  
  • All case data in one place 
  • Annotate and present on any device 
  • Secure In-Court video conferencing with role validation 
  • View multimedia securely in the browser  

Court Administrators 

Court administrators are under increasing pressure from growing caseload demands. That’s why our technology supports you to deliver dependable solutions that make a real difference. Our expertise in court innovation has made a drastic improvement to the judicial process through truly comprehensive digitisation of trial processes. CaseLines saves court staff time and increases productivity by eradicating paper and unconnected pdfs. We know how courts operate and give you the right ecosystem to deliver justice today. 

Key Features 

  • Scalable solution 
  • Reduce staff time spent on admin tasks