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All the answers you need to the end-to-end challenges of evidence management in a virtual hearing

CaseLines delivers a proven, secure, purpose-built platform for managing evidence review in a virtual hearing. Our platform supports any type and size of case in a virtual setting. Whether a simple hearing or a full-scale trial, lawyers, witnesses, judges and clerks are all able to see the same documents at the same time. From gathering multimedia evidence, through compiling documentary evidence, to review, and on to court, CaseLines provides a single, secure home in which to manage all types of evidence.

Virtual hearings are the new normal

  • For any virtual court, from chambers hearings to major trials
  • Supports any conferencing software – see the participants, review the evidence
  • No software to install – just an internet connection and a browser required
  • Creates automatically indexed and paginated presentation-ready eBundles
  • Removes size limits on file uploads – no need to split into multiple PDFs
  • Replace emails by Secure sharing between all parties, automatic links to court for easy access by judges and clerks
  • Simple to operate – no virtual hearing manager required
  • Easy to show audio, video and documents to all participants at the same time

CaseLines: The Evidence

Our figures prove CaseLines’ success around the world.


Saves paper the weight of 0 African elephants
(0kg) every year


Safely holds 0M pages of evidence –
(Increasing by 0M pages per month)


Over 0
users across the
legal landscape


Judges now use
the system


Used daily in


More than

“CPS and HMCTS have worked together to transform the Crown Court into a digital environment, saving the CPS 29 million sheets of paper, reducing stationery costs by an estimated £2.7 million in the last year and sparing approximately 245 trees per year.”

The Crown Prosecution Service

The Evidence Speaks for Itself:Trusted by these and many more…

  • Ministry of Justice
  • DIFC
  • Orbis public law
  • OCJ South Africa