Giving Back

From our very earliest days our founders have always sought to ensure that a percentage of our profits are made available to a range of charitable endeavours.

This year we are supporting a six-day dentistry clinic mission trip to Elburgon village, Kenya. The clinic also distributes over 450 pairs of reading glasses for those with no access to an optician.

In addition, we are particularly involved with two charities that are dedicated to improving the lives of children and communities living in highly impoverished regions of the world.

Life Impact International

Under its credo of “Prevent Rescue Heal” this tireless charity delivers practical humanitarian aid services through a range of Evangelism and Prevention programs in some of the world’s most disadvantaged countries.

Life Impact have established numerous homes for children at risk; established orphanages and hostels; run feeding programs for the poor; rescue children from trafficking; and carry out extensive relief and development work. They are also committed to helping the hurt within the social context of a culture and country through leadership training.

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Life Support

Moved by the unimaginable poverty facing many Zambian people, Life Support began its vital work in 2007, focusing on street children in Ndola and raising funds to build a school for vulnerable children in Chingola.

In December 2008 Eden Farm was donated to Life Support enabling them to build a children’s village for over 250 orphaned and vulnerable children.

Also high on their agenda is the ongoing work of helping the hundreds of thousands of children orphaned by the devastating HIV epidemic.

Today they have a number of charitable goals aimed at: providing clean and secure housing; making nutritious food and clothing more available; delivering medical and emotional care to those in need; advancing education for children and vocational training for adults; and empowering individuals and communities to live independently through self-sustaining projects.

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