Are you ready for hybrid hearings?

Court are beginning to adopt hybrid case hearings, using both in person and virtual hearings, to maintain key services. For an effective hybrid approach case bundles need to be digital by default for use in either the courtroom or virtual environment. In a recent hybrid case in the High Court of England and Wales, it was noted that the CaseLines eBundle was “in almost every way more effective than by use of hardcopy bundles in court”. In this insight, we’ll show how CaseLines allows you to securely share case documentation and multimedia with selected personnel quickly and securely. So you can easily manage digital bundles in the courtroom or virtually.

Case Creator 

In this example, the case creator has access to three bundles: the master bundle with all case documentation, a hearing bundle with selected documents for the hearing and an expert witness bundle with a report. Switching between the bundles, the index only displays sections that have documents included in the selected bundle, but maintain a single pagination.  With all case bundles are stored in a single location, it is easy to manage case information in the courtroom or virtually.

Invite In

When inviting an individual into a case, users can select the specific bundle(s) that individual can see. In this example, the expert witness only needs access to the ‘Expert Witness Bundle’, cannot download documents, and can only view the bundle for a set period of time. The people dashboard makes it easy to manage who has case access, to which case bundles, and for how long.  



Secure Share

Sending a large PDF bundle by email is both insecure and difficult to do with file upload size limits. That’s why CaseLines allows you to share a one-page eBridge PDF. Access to the links on the PDF are password protected and so will only take those with case access to the most recent version of the bundle that they have permission to see. 

Expert Witness 

The expert witness is ready to review the bundle. After opening the link from the eBridge, the expert witness is able to login and review the ‘Expert Witness Bundle’. In the expert witness bundle, redactions have been applied on Child A’s name. The expert witness can then add notes to the bundle ready for a hearing. As the case creator has set a case access expiry date, the expert witness will only be able to review the bundle for a set period of time.



The advocate is ready to review the bundle. After opening the link from the eBridge, the advocate can login and review the bundles they have permission to view. When switching between the hearing bundle and the expert witness bundle, the advocate can see unredacted information in the hearing bundle and that is redacted in the expert witness bundle. 

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