CaseLines Reseller Tirisan Tech Solutions enables Virtual Courts in South Africa

By Rendani Ramabulana , CEO Tirisian Tech Solutions, South Africa

How do you create a system to seamlessly deliver vital judicial services – at speed – while in the grip of an unprecedented global pandemic? That was the challenge posed to us by the Office of the Chief Justice. Now, just weeks later, South Africa’s first virtual courts are enabling the Judiciary to provide this critical service to the people of the republic.

Planning. And more planning

At Tirisan Tech Solutions we held daily stand-up meetings to brainstorm, refine and fine tune how best to enable the Office of the Chief Justice to continue providing the critical service they are mandated to do for the republic.

Numerous models were created. Any and all ideas, from Management to Junior staff, were treated with the same importance during these sessions.

From this crucial input a model was developed to support the Office of the Chief Justice during this period of lockdown, define what needed to be in place and how to execute the model to achieve immediate benefits for our client.

Towards a solution

Team Tirisian quickly began creating the enabling environment that would allow electronic preparation of evidence to be carried out and Virtual Courts to take place. A rapid consideration of the existing technologies at our disposal to drive this service was vital. There was no time for lengthy training sessions on potentially complex technology!

The first run of the Virtual Court was conducted with all involved parties attending from separate locations. The proceedings ran smoothly, and the first Virtual Court in the Republic of South Africa was a 100% success.

The right technologies

We have learnt that the Coronavirus can travel from host to host not just through physical contact but also via common mediums that we use daily, such as paper. The solution we had to implement required ‘no paper’ processes, which meant that a technological solution was the only option. The technologies we selected included:

CaseLines is currently being rolled out within The South African Judiciary by the Office of The Chief Justice for Electronic Evidence Management. This renowned software enables digital presentation of case evidence in a seamless and simple way. The software plays a vital role in the whole process of eliminating paper and preserving evidence. This proved to be a critical success factor in our model to provide paperless virtual hearings, meaning less risk of handling potentially contaminated documents.

Microsoft Teams was our platform of choice. Team Tirisan is already familiar and comfortable with using this technology inhouse, which meant less retraining on a new virtual conferencing service. And, as a Microsoft Gold Partner, Tirisan saw this as a logical decision that could yield faster results.

A look at the future

In our journey to the digital transformation agenda, organizations, government and citizens need a partner that is reliable to help them navigate the many unknowns that lie ahead.

Covid19 is an extraordinarily painful, but practical use case. It shows that humanity needs to be equipped to start looking at technologies, and the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, as an aid to enhance our way of living. As we look at the world we will live in post the current pandemic, we should use all the lessons we have learnt to craft a new standard to use technology to enhance our daily and working lives.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner and CaseLines Implementation Partner I believe that Tirisan Tech Solutions has demonstrated that we can all emerge victorious if we are guided by the experts in the field and collaborate for the better good.

Rendani Ramabulana

CEO Tirisian Tech Solutions


Rendani Ramabulana serves as Commissioner in the South African Presidential Commission on the Fourth Industrial Revolution and a Member of the Limpopo Province Premier’s Economic and Growth Advisory Council. This contribution was written in his capacity as the CEO of Tirisan Tech Solutions (Pty) Ltd., a small to medium sized software engineering firm in the Republic of South Africa.

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