Five top tips for enabling effective virtual hearings 

Holding effective virtual hearings is critical to maintaining justice. If you’re new to remote working we’ve put together five top tips for enabling effective virtual hearings using CaseLines.

1. Securely share bundles

Working remotely you need to be able to share bundles, quickly. But not everyone needs access to every case document and if your bundle is too large you might struggle to send via email. CaseLines gives you a secure online space to share bundles. Use CaseLines sub bundle feature to share bundles with advanced permission control so you can share what you need to, from a single document to a whole bundle, in a single secure online space.

Learn more about using sub bundles here.

2. Easily file bundles

If you need to upload your CaseLines bundle to an existing eFiling system, you can download a single page PDF from CaseLines that contains a password protected link to the bundle. The one page PDF lets you securely share case information, while ensuring everyone accessing the case is always taken to the most up to date version of the bundle.

Learn more about eBridge here.

3. Markup like paper

If you’re missing working with paper bundles CaseLines lets you markup documents just like paper. Highlight, underline, draw a box to type and add a note before, during or after a hearing. You can even use a stylus to draw directly on the bundle. You can review notes on the right hand side of you bundle and quickly return to the page of an annotation. Notes stay in place even as new documents are added to the bundle.

4. Join a hearing

Store links to virtual hearing conferences in the CaseLines hearings manager. When it’s time for a hearing, you can join straight from the bundle, without having to search your email for the original invitation.

5. Direct participants

During a virtual hearing you can easily direct participants to a specific page of the bundle with one click. Simply select ‘Direct others to Page’, confirm and your page direction will be sent. All participants with the bundle open, and with permission to see the page, will be notified of the page direction.


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