Present bundles anytime, anywhere with enhanced video presentation

Everything uploaded to CaseLines is presentation ready from first upload. Our latest release has enhanced video presentation. This means you can direct everyone to a specific page of the bundle, or to the right point of a video at anytime, from anywhere.  In presenter mode, the presenter multimedia player is now mirrored by followers in the bundle. This allows you to jump to a certain point in a video, pause and play in unison – even when working remotely.

 How it works

The types of files in a bundle are changing

Technological development has affected the types of files legal professionals need to be able to access. Video evidence continues to proliferate due to the rapid rise of CCTV and body worn cameras, as well as interviews with vulnerable witnesses. Excel sheets in complex litigation. Photographs. Mobile data. The list goes on. But many professionals struggle to easily review documents and multimedia.

You need one place to view documents and videos

Digital bundles have come a long way from USB sticks with PDFs. Large PDF bundles can’t handle the breadth of file types used in cases. CaseLines offers a way to review all case documents and multimedia in one place without needing to open multiple applications. With everything available in an indexed booklet that updates in real time CaseLines makes it easier for you to prepare and present bundles in the cloud.



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