The Honourable Mr Justice Mostyn pushes for more paperless hearings

Barristers in both public and private family law are increasingly faced with judges demanding that hearings are paperless. This was further reinforced yesterday when The Honourable Mr Justice Mostyn issued an e-bundles protocol for the Financial Remedies Courts.

Most notably the protocol advises that parties may agree, with the consent of the court, to use an e-bundle service from a commercial provider like CaseLines.

A footnote to the e-bundles protocol directs readers to a set of videos created by Queen Elizabeth Building Chambers, specialists in family law. These were presented at a workshop organised by QEB last month at Middle Temple, in which CaseLines also presented its digital evidence management platform for paperless hearings to a room of family solicitors.

Barristers lead the way in Paperless Advocacy

Local authorities and law firms feeding into family courts are turning to CaseLines for paperless hearings. In support, we have been out on the road presenting at the Family Law Barristers Association Saturday morning paperless advocacy workshops across the UK.

Sessions have been well attended by family law barristers eager to ditch paper. The training is designed to equip attendees with the skills required to meet Mr Justice Mostyn’s e-bundle protocol, using generic PDF creation and manipulation tools. The sessions also introduce CaseLines, for barristers working with local authorities, law firms or family courts already using our digital evidence management platform.

The advantages of using CaseLines over generic PDF tools are presented at the end of the morning. Attendees see how CaseLines effortlessly manages all the requirements of the e-bundle protocol, with the creation of an automatically paginated and searchable bundle, all shared securely with relevant parties able to view the latest set of documents anytime, anywhere on any device. Late arriving documents are handled seamlessly and CaseLines case preparation and court presentation tools delight audiences.

If you are a family lawyer and want to move effortlessly towards meeting Mr Justice Mostyn’s e-bundle protocol, then pick up the phone and talk to us about how CaseLines can help. In a matter of hours you could be using a set of tools designed especially for lawyers and barristers to prepare for your next case in a secure online collaborative workspace.

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