The Virtual Law Firm Office: supporting law firms from crisis to a ‘new normal’

Law firms are in the process of adapting to the virtual office. Without a central office hub ‘shaping the new normal’ is a phrase we have come across multiple times over the last few days. On reflection this signals three key turning points:

  1. The recognition that the current state of flux will last for months not weeks – a swift shift from shock and denial to acceptance and action in a short space of time.
  2. The need for a re-imagination of the justice ecosystem as law firms and courts vacate their buildings for remote operations. This must go beyond existing business continuity arrangements towards building sustainable actions that will support justice now and into the future.
  3. Some of the changes will result in permanent changes to business processes to justice systems.

Law firms are moving quickly to respond to these changes and to address issues that have emerged with remote working practices.

Many critical processes are normally provided by a network of administration colleagues all of whom are completely office based. These processes include reception administration, processing post, printing, collating and distributing bundles – all of which must now be delivered remotely for the first time, all at once. This has exposed how existing digital tools are not fit for purpose for remote working. PDF bundles are too large to send and receive resulting in bundles needing to be split. This causes delays to virtual hearings as parties search multiple emails and PDFs to refer others to documentation. This is not sustainable over the long term.

Cloud based tools offer solutions to overcome operational paralysis, now. We have seen law firms adopt multiple cloud-based video conferencing platforms to communicate and hold hearings virtually but sharing bundles remains a stumbling block. Firms require tools to effectively and securely share documents and multimedia as they arrive. The constraints of sharing large PDFs in advance of a virtual hearing that comply with data security standards has resulted in firms searching for purpose-built tools.

CaseLines offers a simple cloud-based tool to create, securely share and present bundles in real time. We’ve been supporting bundle building and facilitating remote hearings since 2014, so for our existing customers it’s been business as usual. Over the past weeks we have on-boarded and trained law firms entirely virtually in just days, who are now using CaseLines as the solution to build, share and present evidence for virtual remote hearings.

As we enter a new week and continue to adjust to the ‘new normal’ of remote hearings CaseLines is providing the answer for an increasing number of law firms who are looking for a long-term solution. If you would like to learn more or book a demonstration please get in touch. You can also find best practice videos and articles on our COVID19 resource hub.

Andrea Kilby
Director UK Business Development

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