Virtual Hearings: sharing a digital bundle with the right information for the right people

Digital bundles are essential for holding effective virtual hearings. Yet, a bundle is not one size fits all. Sometimes bundles are needed for specific users, such as witnesses or the jury. In other cases new bundles need to be produced for each stage of the case from pre-trial motion to final hearing. CaseLines gives you complete control over your bundles. With a master bundle for all case documentation, evidence and multimedia along with multiple sub bundles of specific documents, you always remain in control when sharing your eBundle.

The Master Bundle

Everything uploaded to CaseLines is added to a master bundle which acts as a central repository of case evidence. From here you can sort case evidence into specific bundles for specific hearings or parties without having to duplicate evidence. You can also apply redactions for specific sub bundles.

The Sub Bundle

As not everyone needs access to the entire bundle CaseLines lets you create multiple sub-bundles of evidence that can hold selected sections, selected documents and even selected document pages. Sub-bundles can be produced for specific hearings or specific parties giving organisations the ability to restrict access to only the information that is required.

How could CaseLines support you sharing selected sensitive information with key parties?

Case Creator Sub BundlesExpert Witness Sub Bundles

Using Master and Sub Bundles in a Virtual Hearing

CaseLines ensures consistent pagination references are upkept when navigating between the master bundle and associated sub bundles. When using a sub bundle you can view the reduced hyperlinked index and documents with pagination for both the master and current sub bundle. In a virtual hearing sub bundle you can carry on using the master bundle pagination by opening the Find Tab, selecting Find Page and ticking the Master tickbox.

One Master Bundle, Multiple Sub Bundles of Evidence

There is a simpler way to share bundles throughout the lifecycle of the case. Adopting CaseLines bundles gives you the tools to easily organize case information and share in a secure location accessible from any internet enabled device.

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