CaseLines and the Public Law project at HMCTS

On the 7th February Emma Petty posted the latest blog report for the Public Law project at HMCTS.  This is an important project for all users of the Family Courts including Local Authorities and suppliers of bundling software tools for Local Authorities.  In the Public Law project, there are at least nine possible sub-projects, all of which look extremely valuable.

One of the projects affects CaseLines customers directly.  It is the shared storage solution to help with filing evidence and documents digitally. The Public Law project are aiming to mirror the current paper practices where evidence bundles are supplied to the family courts, but electronically rather than paper. We are expecting that the shared storage solution will require completed evidence bundles to be supplied by the Local Authorities.

CaseLines customers are already preparing evidence bundles electronically and submitting the electronic paginated bundle to family courts. The CaseLines team will be working with the Public Law project team to make sure that Evidence bundles created in CaseLines, can be delivered automatically to the shared storage solution at the press of a button.

Of course, all the benefits of using CaseLines – superb bundling, collaborative review, paperless delivery to the court room door and award-winning paperless hearings, will remain in place.

At CaseLines we look forward to supporting Local Authorities who want to join the seamless digital system of the Family Courts.

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