The Power of Paperless – CaseLines congratulates CPS on Paperless Awards win

CaseLines is delighted to congratulate the Crown Prosecution Service, winners of the ‘Going Paperless Project of the Year Award 2017’ for digital working in the Crown Courts with DCS and Digital service of the IDPC.

Mark Gray, Director of Digital Transformation at the CPS, said:
“I’m absolutely delighted that we have won this prestigious award. It is a testament to the hard work of everyone across the CPS in adopting and embracing digital working. We are all very proud that our progress has been recognised in this way.“

The Paperless Awards recognise UK Public Sector bodies and their commercial partners who are making exceptional progress towards creating a paperless environment. As winners of Project of the Year, the CPS has been recognised for outstanding progress towards operating without paper.

It’s an exciting time to be part of creating the digital court space as new technology affects both work efficiency and environmental health. CaseLines is proud to be part of this revolution, providing thousands of users in the CPS with the tools they need to work efficiently. Already more than 40 million pages of evidence are stored on the Digital Case System saving precious natural resources and countless hours spent printing paper court files.

Before the Digital Case System, paper files would have been copied multiple times for use in court. Now all those files are available to lawyers and judges in a single, universally accessible, digital courtroom – so files never need to be duplicated again. This multiplies the paper savings for the CPS and all CaseLines’ many other users, pushing further towards a fully paperless UK justice system.

David Jackson, Managing Director of CaseLines says: “We are thrilled by the success of our colleagues in the CPS and honoured to be working with them. Thanks to forward-looking institutions such as the CPS, CaseLines is demonstrating just how effective digital solutions can be. The CPS is a Pathfinder, lighting the way for court services around the world to reap similar benefits through cloud-based digital courts.”

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