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CaseLines: time to take a second look?

‘Online courts, case management & CaseLines have moved on. We have increased our market share, our areas of excellence & our impact on digital litigation. Paperless courts are happening now and our latest innovations, outlined below, focus on the needs of trial lawyers and address the challenges of de-duplication & court presentation, critical for success in a paperless environment.’

—David Jackson & Paul Sachs, Directors, Netmaster Solutions Ltd, which provides CaseLines—a global leader in digital litigation

AI, deduplication & evidence bundles

Continuing to break new ground in digital evidence management, CaseLines is now promoting the first fruits of its new artificial intelligence research programme. Lawyers can now use CaseLines to automatically detect duplicate documents in an evidence bundle, saving up to 95% of the effort needed to remove duplicates.

As lawyers with experience in civil or family litigation know well, duplicate documents can be the bane of evidence bundling. Historically, countless hours are spent manually checking documents to remove unnecessary duplicates. This wasteful practice increases file preparation time and absorbs work hours that could be usefully employed elsewhere. This is where CaseLines steps in, providing duplicate detection at the click of a button.

CaseLines’ AI programme uses fuzzy matching algorithms to identify likely duplicates within each case file. CaseLines duplication detection is powerful enough to recognise copies of documents that have been annotated by hand, poorly scanned or even damaged.

At a glance users see a match percentage between documents and compare them side by side before choosing to include or reject them from the bundle. Unlike some deduplication solutions, CaseLines directly compares the contents of each document ensuring a high success rate in identifying duplicates. CaseLines users are already reporting up to 95% time savings using CaseLines deduplication which means less wasted effort and more time to focus on the important work for a case

“Making presentation easy, CaseLines ‘Follow the Leader’ gives you the power to truly lead any court”

Leading the world in court

CaseLines has recently announced the latest addition to its case presentation suite—Follow the Leader.

Presentation lies at the heart of court hearings. Technology can improve this process but only if it empowers the user, rather than distracting from their argument. Advocates need simple, powerful tools which let them access the information that is vital to their case. Thousands of lawyers already appreciate the ease of using CaseLines in court but with Follow the Leader, you can take even greater control of your courtroom presentation.

CaseLines Follow the Leader allows you to lead an entire courtroom through evidence in real time. With a couple of clicks, your view of the digital case file can be shared to every screen in the court. As you scroll through pages, zoom in or move to a new document other users will be right with you, following your argument step by step and page by page. Using simultaneous screen rendering you can make notes to highlight a specific line of text or zoom in to show a court the most important area of an image, safe in the knowledge that they can see only what you want them to see.

Making presentation easy, CaseLines Follow the Leader gives you the power to truly lead any court.

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