CaseLines announces strategic partnership with FileOnQ

Police and prosecutors to benefit from cloud-based solution to streamline the secure delivery of evidence from crime scene to court room


London, UK and Seattle, WA, 17 July, 2019 – CaseLines, a global leader in digital evidence delivery and review and FileOnQ, a leading provider of evidence management solutions for law enforcement, today announced a strategic partnership to address the needs of law enforcement agencies for a solution to streamline the delivery of digital evidence from crime scene to courtroom.

CaseLines and FileOnQ are combining their expertise in digital evidence management (a market estimated to be worth more than $7.6 billion by 2023) to help justice agencies automate collection of digital evidence from multiple repositories and share as needed with prosecutors, defense and the courts. FileOnQ’s DigitalOnQ product will be available in hybrid cloud and on-premise flavors and will integrate with CaseLines, hosted on Microsoft’s Azure platform. This approach makes it easy to deploy and allows users to start taking advantage of the technology in logical, affordable, and proven steps.

“Police and law enforcement agencies are facing a deluge of digital media evidence and existing tools are not up to the task of sharing evidence easily with prosecutors, defense lawyers and courts,” explains David Jackson, Washington DC based SVP Business Development, CaseLines. “Law enforcement agencies are dealing with petabytes of digital data from CCTV, bodycams, smartphones and other digital devices, as well as evidence from social media and geo-tagging. Storing and sharing all this data by burning DVDs is no longer either practical or cost-effective. Agencies that adopt the integrated CaseLines and DigitalOnQ solution will save time and benefit from improved security, and operational effectiveness.”

Providing evidence files to prosecutors consumes hours of valuable police time especially when evidence is captured in separate sources or from multiple agencies with inconsistent systems. Using DigitalOnQ and CaseLines will allow police to create an evidence file ready for prosecutor review, encompassing all relevant documentary and digital media evidence from multiple sources in a single file. Once in the system, the ability to administer permissions at a granular level means that evidence never needs to be reloaded. it can be shared with defense teams and the courts as needed.

“Through our partnership, FileOnQ and CaseLines are creating an integrated software platform that helps law enforcement and prosecutors to get control of multiple information stores and automate the processing, tracking and management of physical and electronic evidence and documentation. The solution provides the ability to manage and track just about any form of evidence through its entire lifecycle – from crime scene to courtroom – saving valuable time and money for all involved,” says Steve Englund, President, FileOnQ.

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