CaseLines Continues to Drive Public Family Law into the Digital Age

London UK, 4th December 2018: CaseLines, the leading global provider of digital evidence management, has seen an increase in local authority customers due to new features specifically designed to increase the efficiency, security and sustainability of Children and Families departments within Local Authorities.

Since April this year, on average one new local authority customer every three weeks has started to use CaseLines including the Royal Borough of Greenwich and the Oxfordshire County Council. Procurement decisions have been aided by CaseLines’ latest product enhancements which, whilst applicable to all users, are fueling particular interest among Local Authorities who are facing increasing pressure from budget cuts and increasing caseloads.

CaseLines’ new redaction feature, specifically designed around the legal process allows Local Authorities with highly sensitive cases the ability to efficiently and securely manage the process of sharing confidential data to authorised parties. Building on CaseLines’ unique multi-party bundle features this latest enhancement allows users to target redactions across party specific bundles from a single case file. It eradicates the time intensive management of duplicate PDF bundles with redactions – reducing the risk of unintentional disclosure and delayed hearings. With manageable bundles on CaseLines that can be easily updated from anywhere, the solution streamlines administrative tasks so Local Authorities can ensure key resources are deployed where they are needed most.

Other developments to the platform over the summer include:

  • Handwriting Optical Character Recognition – Using AI technology provided by Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, CaseLines now detects and extracts handwritten text from documents within the bundle. This means any hand-written margin notes or documents are fully searchable, allowing users to interact with the evidence in a more productive manner.
  • Tablet Optimisation – CaseLines has been optimised for use with tablets including iPad Pro and Surface Pro focusing on tablet responsiveness and performance, whilst refining the user experience with stylus technology.

The Family Courts are embracing the technology with confidence and enthusiasm, owing to the success of CaseLines in all Crown Courts across England and Wales acting as a clear proof point that CaseLines is the only technology suitable for true digital working within the courtroom. The Family Courts have made it clear that they are ready for digital working, opening the way for Local Authorities to gain cost and efficiency savings through implementation of digital evidence management systems.

His Honour Judge Peter Nathan, designated family judge for Surrey, said: “The innovative system is a huge improvement on paper bundles. The practice direction requiring bundles of no more than 350 pages is widely ignored and a recent 12-day case I worked on must have been more than 1,000 pages. I can’t take that home.”

Jamie Foote, product manager for CaseLines, said: “We are confident that our latest developments will bring Local Authorities one step closer to eliminating all paper and PDFs from the trial environment, replacing it with a cost-effective secure evidence management solution which allows all users to truly interact and engage with the evidence.”

Paul Sachs, CTO and founder of CaseLines added: “CaseLines is now making greater use of the available technology than ever before, and it is this trajectory, facilitated by the support of Microsoft Azure, that we aim to continue along. CaseLines remains the only system that can deliver evidence into a courtroom in a way that it can be used effectively, and we will continue to drive the expansion of the system to support fair justice worldwide.”

CaseLines is in use in courts around the world, including the UK, Africa and the UAE. It provides a secure and easy-to-use cloud-based service for users to collaboratively produce, review and present high-quality professional trial bundles. The platform continues to make the delivery of justice even more efficient, revolutionising the way the justice system operates by bringing it firmly into the digital age.

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