CaseLines showcases expanded platform for digital evidence management at CTC 2019

CaseLines to demonstrate new tools for delivering evidence to courts for the benefit of victims, witnesses, defendants, prosecutors, defense representatives, court staff and judges

Washington DC, USA & London, UK, 3rd September, 2019 – CaseLines plans to highlight its ever stronger platform for digital evidence delivery at this year’s Court Technology Conference (CTC) which takes place on September 10-12 in New Orleans. The global leader in digital evidence delivery and review, CaseLines has not only enhanced its redaction capabilities but, through strategic partnerships, has extended its reach to address the needs of all the agencies involved in the modern courtroom.

At the CTC 2019 conference David Jackson, Senior Vice President, CaseLines will host a session on ‘How courts can gain by supporting cross agency digitization, from crime scene to courtroom.’ The session will discuss the rising number of successful cross-agency initiatives to digitize civil and criminal justice. It will cover the benefits of collaboration tools; showing how courts can promote digitization with no capital investment, as well as looking at the tools and architecture that can make it happen. David will also discuss the benefits of cloud technology.

“The key to delivering operational effectiveness is by learning how leading courts have digitized. How they can now seamlessly manage evidence, everything from body-worn cameras to first responder recordings,” explains David. “I will speak to how law enforcement, prosecutors, defense teams and judges can all benefit from working with a single evidence repository throughout the judicial process – saving valuable time and money for all involved.”

These learnings and strong collaborative working have contributed to some significant developments in the CaseLines platform. The unique multi-party binder feature is the latest in these enhancements set to be showcased at CTC 2019. It allows users to target redactions across party-specific binders from a single case file and eradicates the time-intensive management of redactions across duplicate PDF binders. This reduces the risk of unintentional disclosure that can lead to delayed hearings. With manageable binders on CaseLines that can be easily updated from anywhere, the solution streamlines administrative tasks so that courts can ensure key resources are deployed where they are needed most.

“By combining our core offering with additional complementary capabilities from partners, we are proud to offer our customers a strong portfolio of innovative digital solutions to meet their needs today and in the future,” said Paul Sachs, Chief Technology Officer, CaseLines.

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