Criminal Justice System Goes Paperless

London, 7th April, 2016: Netmaster Solutions has delivered CaseLines, the market leading paperless digital case management system, to the Ministry of Justice for its Crown Court Digital Case System which is now live in all Crown Courts in England & Wales. Defence and prosecution lawyers, Judges and HMCTS staff are already benefiting from working improvements and seeing massive financial savings and improvements to the criminal justice system.

Netmaster Solutions’ CaseLines cloud-based service is a secure, bundle management and courtroom presentation system that has been adapted for the Ministry of Justice to digitise the criminal justice system in England and Wales. CaseLines is the market leading product for the preparation of trial bundles and electronic presentation in the court room. The system reduces the time and effort required to prepare trial bundles, eliminates the direct and indirect costs of paper and allows courtroom presentation of the bundles without the added cost of a courtroom operator. CaseLines also eliminates the need to pay for third party preparation of digital bundle files. CaseLines provides a secure and easy-to-use cloud based service to collaboratively produce, present and review high quality professional trial bundles.

The Crown Court rollout builds on Netmaster Solutions’ successful track record of delivering CaseLines for the UK Supreme Court, for civil trials in the High Court and to councils across the UK for use in the Family Courts and Employment Tribunals.

One of the most important and radical changes to take place in the judicial system for several centuries, it is estimated that CaseLines will save the Ministry of Justice millions of pounds in time and resources running an overburdened manual system. The innovation goes hand in hand with a very successful programme by the Ministry of Justice to provide defence lawyers with access to WiFi throughout the Crown Courts system. Both innovations contribute to a major programme of digital change in the Ministry of Justicewhich will improve all judicial services in England & Wales by 2020. The Government is investing £738m in the overall programme.

David Jackson, Managing Director, Netmaster Solutions comments: We are delighted that the Crown Court Digital Case System has been so readily accepted by all the user communities – Judges, prosecution lawyers, defence lawyers and HMCTS staff. This is a tremendous example of a successful government IT project and the Ministry of Justice deserves to be praised. The Crown Court Digital Case System is expected to save over three hundred million sheets of paper every year.  Already, with over 25,000 evidence bundles in place, the paper saved is the equivalent of 4 stacks each as high as the Shard!”

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