Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal implements CaseLines as part of digital transformation

CaseLines streamlines bundle-building, case preparation, evidence review and court presentation

CaseLines today announced that the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT) has implemented CaseLines’ digital evidence management and court room presentation platform as part of its strategic digital transformation journey. The CaseLines platform is helping to streamline processes, increase efficiency and support the SDT as it moves to a paper-light way of working.

The SDT is responsible for protecting the public interest and maintaining public confidence in the reputation of legal service providers, in particular the solicitor’s profession. Implementing CaseLines’ cloud-based platform will help the SDT to reduce the costs per hearing over the long term.

CaseLines eliminates the need for paper-based bundles for the majority of SDT hearings. Since going live with the system at the end of April 2019, parties are able to upload evidence documents directly into CaseLines. The CaseLines cloud-based platform automatically creates a digital bundle that is consistent in look, feel and pagination with old paper-based bundles. All information in CaseLines can be viewed securely by authorised users from any device with an internet connection. This allows all relevant information to be accessed by users in court, in the workplace or when working remotely, dramatically simplifying the administration process and ensuring accessibility for all.

“Implementing CaseLines is part of an initiative to deliver strategic operational benefits to the SDT, including cost efficiencies and time savings and digital access for all Tribunal users,” said Daveena Ogene, Head of Case Management, Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal Administration Limited. “We expect to reduce paper, printing, copying, courier and administrative costs for users, and to reduce the time and effort involved by all parties in uploading, collating, reviewing and annotating evidence, making the process so much easier for everyone involved.”

In addition, CaseLines makes it easier for the SDT to handle last minute changes to the bundles and listings. Removing paper-based bundles helps to increase data security, with all participants given secure access to the documentation they need only for the duration of the case.

SDT lay Tribunal Member, Robert Slack commented that: “The single biggest difference for me in using CaseLines is not having to carry a huge amount of paper to and from the Tribunal, it’s all now available through my laptop. This new digital way of working means I can access the case notes at any time, giving me a lot more flexibility than the previous paper-based bundles. Being able to type in a page number and be taken directly to the right page is an enormous help. Before, I had to navigate papers across perhaps four or five A4 ring binders while sitting for the Tribunal. Now the legal representatives, or other participants, simply indicate a page number and I can go straight there.”

Jon McNerney, CEO, CaseLines said: “We’re thrilled that all parties associated with the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal are already experiencing the day-to-day benefits of using CaseLines – from the administrative team through to Tribunal members, hearing applicants, respondents and legal representatives. Our platform-based approach is very different to simply replacing paper with PDFs. All data is stored, maintained and shared through the CaseLines platform, with no need to create and distribute PDFs via email. This ensures the security and integrity of sensitive information and a complete audit trail of user actions. It also helps to streamline processes, improve collaboration and deliver greater flexibility to all users, ensuring time and efficiency savings all round.”

The implementation of CaseLines at the SDT follows the platform’s successful roll-out across HMCTS Crown Courts for England and Wales, and the announcement that the Bar Standards Board is also implementing the platform.

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