CaseLines Releases Enhanced Pen Tools

Designed for use with stylus’ such as the Apple Pencil and the Surface Pen, the latest release of the CaseLines stylus annotation tool mirrors the experience of writing on paper with an ink pen.

Responding to feedback from our barrister user community, freehand annotation with tablet stylus now feels more natural than ever. The ability to annotate PDFs freehand is nothing new for barristers meaning our community can continue to work and privately annotate on CaseLines in a comfortable and familiar manner. Crucially our users gain advantages from utilising advanced cloud evidence management technology, removing the need to merge old and new PDF bundles to retain annotations across different versions, a time consuming and continual process frequented with opportunities for annotations to be forever lost by accident. CaseLines eliminates this possibility, by storing the private annotations separately as part of its unique data model, meaning that when changes are made to the bundle, the link between the annotations and the page can be maintained.

Upcoming enhancements in Q1 2019 that further improve upon paper and PDF annotation techniques will allow users to make use of the CaseLines artificial intelligence search engine to instantly search large amounts of evidential documentation for your key handwritten annotations.




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