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We are facing unprecedented times. The impact of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic on justice processes is being felt around the world. CaseLines is supporting legal systems to maintain justice and provide vital services for their citizens. So we’ve put together a resource hub with guidance from experts, partners and governments from around the world to help you maintain critical services for justice.

CaseLines & Virtual Hearings: Frequently Asked Questions

Updated April 9th 2020


The Family Law Bar Association have put together a guide for using the Cloud Video Platform (CVP). It includes guidance on using CaseLines and the CVP.

South Africa: Covid 19 accelerates CaseLines in South Africa

Covid-19 has affected the functioning of the courts in SA. While they are an essential service and are operating during the lockdown, their operations are severely constrained by regulations and directions issued by the justice minister and various divisions of the courts. Now, matters heard by the high courts must be presented exclusively on CaseLines, with judges refusing to hear matters that have not been registered with, or documents uploaded onto the system. Typically, those stalwarts who refuse or fail to take the plunge and learn new skills hamper the adoption of new technology. Covid-19 has resulted in the complete dismantling of the old guard, leaving the reticent majority with no option but to confront this new technology. CaseLines instantly resolves many issues associated with paper filings, the storing and archiving of physical files, and ensuring that a judge has access to a complete set of copies of the necessary papers.

Are you ready for hybrid hearings?

Court are beginning to adopt hybrid case hearings, using both in person and virtual hearings, to maintain key services. For an effective hybrid approach case bundles need to be digital by default for use in either the courtroom or virtual environment. In a recent hybrid case in the High Court of England and Wales, it was noted that the CaseLines eBundle was “in almost every way more effective than by use of hardcopy bundles in court”. In this insight, we’ll show how CaseLines allows you to securely share case documentation and multimedia with selected personnel quickly and securely. So you can easily manage digital bundles in the courtroom or virtually.


CaseLines eBundle “in almost every way more effective than by use of hardcopy bundles in court”

CaseLines was recently used in the Family Division of the High Court where it was noted that the eBundle was “in almost every way more effective than by use of hardcopy bundles in court”.

Remote Courtrooms Here to Stay As Judges Tackle Backlogs

Law360 report that federal and state court judges say they are likely to rely heavily on remote courtrooms, including virtual trials, as the prospect of fully reopening the justice system to its former capacity remains a distant goal for many, and case backlogs and delays continue to mount.


CaseLines Reseller Tirisan Tech Solutions enables Virtual Courts in South Africa

How do you create deliver a system to seamlessly deliver vital judicial services – at speed – while in the grip of an unprecedented global pandemic? That was the challenge posed to us by the Office of the Chief Justice. Now, just weeks later, South Africa’s first virtual courts are enabling the Judiciary to provide this critical service to the people of the republic.

Tech adoption enables the DIFC Courts to maintain uninterrupted operations for court users

CaseLines supports the DIFC e-bundling solution. In this article DIFC explain that among the many technologies the courts have pioneered to increase access to justice, is the region’s first digitally integrated courtroom e-court system, as well as the region’s first ‘paperless’ e-bundling solution in 2018 (CaseLines). These early tech adoptions are now the bedrock that enables the DIFC Courts to maintain uninterrupted operations for court users during this difficult period.

Five top tips for enabling effective virtual hearings

Holding effective virtual hearings is critical to maintaining justice. If you’re new to remote working we’ve put together five top tips for enabling effective virtual hearings using CaseLines.

CaseLines Virtual Hearing Overview

CaseLines gives you the tools to create, share and present bundles remotely in 7 steps. We’ve put together an overview of how you can use CaseLines to enable remote working from bundle building, secure bundle sharing and review through to virtual hearing presentation.



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