An introduction to CaseLines Insights

CaseLines Insights explores the latest trends in legal technology. Covering a broad range of topics, the series will gather the opinions of legal tech experts and innovators, so you can stay on top of legal tech developments.

The simple solution to support pro se litigants  throughout the court process

The simple solution to support pro se litigants throughout the court process

The CaseLines Evidence Sharing Platform gives pro se litigants the ability to easily provide court documents electronically both prior to and during a hearing. At a time of pandemic this is proving vital to ensure that hearings can progress efficiently.

The World’s Largest Experiment in Digital Justice

The World’s Largest Experiment in Digital Justice

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a rapid shift to virtual working, with thousands of court hearings continuing due to video conferencing, virtual hearings and digital court documents. The result? The world’s largest experiment in digital justice. As courts across the world begin to consider how to reopen, we must now ask what can we learn from this unprecedented event, and what it means for the future of virtual and in person hearings?

Present bundles anytime, anywhere with enhanced video presentation

Everything uploaded to CaseLines is presentation ready from first upload. Our latest release has enhanced video presentation. This means you can direct everyone to a specific page of the bundle, or to the right point of a video at anytime, from anywhere.  In presenter mode, the presenter multimedia player is now mirrored by followers in the bundle. This allows you to jump to a certain point in a video, pause and play in unison – even when working remotely.

Are you ready for hybrid hearings?

Court are beginning to adopt hybrid case hearings, using both in person and virtual hearings, to maintain key services. For an effective hybrid approach case bundles need to be digital by default for use in either the courtroom or virtual environment. In a recent hybrid case in the High Court of England and Wales, it was noted that the CaseLines eBundle was “in almost every way more effective than by use of hardcopy bundles in court”. In this insight, we’ll show how CaseLines allows you to securely share case documentation and multimedia with selected personnel quickly and securely. So you can easily manage digital bundles in the courtroom or virtually.


CaseLines Reseller Tirisan Tech Solutions enables Virtual Courts in South Africa

How do you create a system to seamlessly deliver vital judicial services – at speed – while in the grip of an unprecedented global pandemic? That was the challenge posed to us by the Office of the Chief Justice. Now, just weeks later, South Africa’s first virtual courts are enabling the Judiciary to provide this critical service to the people of the republic.

Five top tips for enabling effective virtual hearings 

Holding effective virtual hearings is critical to maintaining justice. If you’re new to remote working we’ve put together some top tips for enabling effective virtual hearings using CaseLines.

The next step to virtual courts: securely sharing evidence

As courts close across the globe it is clear that the ability to run virtual courts is of paramount importance to maintaining justice systems. Some courts have adopted virtual conferencing tools to keep connected and facilitate critical hearings. Yet, conducting an effective virtual hearing efficiently requires more than just having the parties on a phone or video link.  Transferring evidence between agencies and parties remains a stumbling block for many seeking to successfully implement virtual courts.

Best Practice for filing a CaseLines eBundle

Learn more about how CaseLines new eBridge function allows you to file a CaseLines eBundle to an existing court case management system without upload size limits or security risks.

The Virtual Law Firm Office: supporting law firms from crisis to a ‘new normal’

Law firms are in the process of adapting to the virtual office. Without a central office hub ‘shaping the new normal’ is a phrase we have come across multiple times over the last few days. Andrea Kilby, director of UK business development explains…

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