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Cloud-based Document Management at Federal Court

CaseLines, was introduced at the Federal Court of Canada this week (31 Aug 2020), used by the parties and the Court in a motion to strike before Prothonotary Aalto. Kate Gower from Gower Modern Law explains why this matters

Unexpected evolution of hybrid hearings

David Jackson, SVP Business Development at CaseLines writes in The Lawyer’s Daily Canada on the expected evolution of hybrid hearings. He highlights how the COVID-19 pandemic has been a watershed moment for digital working in the justice community and how technological advances that for so long seemed impossible have been embraced.

What Are You Gaining from Legal Technology Right Now?

Eve Conley was recently published in Eve argues that there are significant environmental, social and governance benefits from the smarter management of evidence that are all too often overlooked. Firms that do not seek to adopt sustainable, client-centric practices or the right tools for their staff will fail to stay competitive.

NetmasterChef 2020

During these difficult times it can be tough to feel like part of a community. As CaseLines continues to support courts around the world maintain critical services, we are also finding our own ways to boost morale and keep our team connected. And what better to do that than with an online cook off?

How to Bring an Urgent Application at the B.C. Supreme Court While the Courthouses Are Closed

William G. MacLeod Q.C. and Lawyer Kate Gower explain how the B.C. Supreme Court are managing urgent applications whilst the courthouse is closed and make the case for parties to use CaseLines for submission of documents electronically

Is It Time for Paperless Court Hearings?

Clients facing huge costs for solicitors’ time, brief fees and refreshers will grimace when they see the bill for copying bundles. We have the means and solutions to go completely paperless, so why are we not already saving the planet in court? Here David Jackson, SVP for Business Development for CaseLines, makes the case for paperless hearings and how digital transformation in the courts can benefit both lawyers and clients.

Is It Time For Courts To Expand Their Technology Horizons?

David Jackson was recently published in The International Association for Court Administrators. David argues that the current CCM is outdated so must evolve to support the global paradigm shift of rapidly evolving technology, working practices and growth of digital evidence. Established in 2017, the Court Component Model (CCM) from America’s National Center for State Courts offers court technologists a valuable framework for planning the functional requirements of their court’s IT.

Local government legal work increases, recruitment squeezed but morale up, exclusive new research reveals

The latest UK Local Government Legal Department of the Future report is out. 87% of respondents expect legal work to increase in the coming years, 70% citing recruitment and retention as their No.1 problem. CaseLines’ Andrea Kilby makes the case for how technology has the power to change the face of legal work in local government.

6 Reasons why Courts should expand their Technology Horizons

6 Reasons why Courts should expand their Technology Horizons

The technology systems used by courts today were built in the late ’90s and early ’00s, but are these systems fit for purpose today? David Jackson, SVP Business Development at CaseLines gives six reasons why courts should expand their technology horizons

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