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Is It Time for Paperless Court Hearings?

Clients facing huge costs for solicitors’ time, brief fees and refreshers will grimace when they see the bill for copying bundles. We have the means and solutions to go completely paperless, so why are we not already saving the planet in court? Here David Jackson, SVP for Business Development for CaseLines, makes the case for paperless hearings and how digital transformation in the courts can benefit both lawyers and clients.

Is It Time For Courts To Expand Their Technology Horizons?

David Jackson was recently published in The International Association for Court Administrators. David argues that the current CCM is outdated so must evolve to support the global paradigm shift of rapidly evolving technology, working practices and growth of digital evidence. Established in 2017, the Court Component Model (CCM) from America’s National Center for State Courts offers court technologists a valuable framework for planning the functional requirements of their court’s IT.

Local government legal work increases, recruitment squeezed but morale up, exclusive new research reveals

The latest UK Local Government Legal Department of the Future report is out. 87% of respondents expect legal work to increase in the coming years, 70% citing recruitment and retention as their No.1 problem. CaseLines’ Andrea Kilby makes the case for how technology has the power to change the face of legal work in local government.

6 Reasons why Courts should expand their Technology Horizons

6 Reasons why Courts should expand their Technology Horizons

The technology systems used by courts today were built in the late ’90s and early ’00s, but are these systems fit for purpose today? David Jackson, SVP Business Development at CaseLines gives six reasons why courts should expand their technology horizons

Utilising AI To Adapt & Improve Current Legal Practices

Courts and legal teams are more overstretched than ever. A briefing by the UK House of Commons found that at the end of 2017 there was a backlog of 297,000 outstanding cases in the UK Magistrates Courts, highlighting the crucial need for something to change. CaseLines Founder and CTO explains where artificial intelligence (AI) can offer practical solution.

South Africa implements paperless courts

South African OCJ is implementing paperless digital courtrooms nationally after selecting provider of digital evidence management.

South Africa to implement digital justice system

The South African Office of the Chief Justice (OCJ) has chosen CaseLines a global provider of Digital Evidence Management to implement paperless digital courtrooms across the country.

Trending: South African courts to go digital with CaseLines

South Africa is implementing paperless digital courtrooms across the country after selecting London-headquartered digital evidence management provider CaseLines, in a move that is hoped will considerably improve access to justice including reducing ‘mislaid’ evidence.

South African OCJ implements digital justice system from CaseLines

South Africa is implementing paperless digital courtrooms across the country after selecting CaseLines – the world’s leading global provider of Digital Evidence Management.

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