A unique set of Evidence Management tools from start to finish

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Throughout the legal process – bundle building and case preparation; collaboration and review; and court presentation – CaseLines makes life more efficient, simpler, faster and highly secure.

Our system helps you to create bundles in a third of the time of traditional methods, while our Review Screen lets you start preparing your case the moment you begin to review evidence. It also effortlessly integrates with the way you work, and enables you to see everything in one place.

No wonder CaseLines is already internationally endorsed by legal professionals at all levels – from paralegals to judges.

The Evidence Speaks for Itself:Trusted by these and many more…

  • Ministry of Justice
  • CPS
  • Park Square Barristers
  • Orbis public law
  • Tandem Law
Customer quote
“CPS and HMCTS have worked together to transform the Crown Court into a digital environment, saving the CPS 29 million sheets of paper, reducing stationery costs by an estimated £2.7 million in the last year and sparing approximately 245 trees.”

The Crown Prosecution Service