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At a time of dramatic technological change today’s courts need an evidence management solution that can offer secure, collaborative access throughout the process; handle ever-growing amounts of multimedia evidence; meet the demands of remote working; and streamline court processes.

As a cloud-based collaboration platform, only CaseLines answers all those demands…and more. Our platform allows you to make the move to true digitisation without massive capital investment, and deliver increased efficiency alongside tangible savings for any court in months – not years.

CaseLines is a proven system. There are no teething problems, development time or the need to pay for outside consultants. We can deliver a fully digitised modern justice system for your courtroom today.

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Streamlined digital process

CaseLines gives you a common platform that lets you share data from end to end. It comes with software to easily pull in multimedia from multiple sources to a single application. Police can load any type of evidence to a bundle, hyperlink it to other documents and share with the prosecution and defense, as well as play video in court – all from a single application.

As all documents are electronic, redacting files to make the court record public becomes effortless. No more wasted hours working through multiple scanned copies. Our Evidence Review tools also offer integrated redaction capabilities and the ability to store publication-ready copies of your court files.

Key Features

  • Build and present cases in a single system
  • One location for all documents/multimedia
  • Information always accessible to relevant parties
  • Effortless public record redaction

Enhanced security

Secure systems are fundamental for courts to benefit from technological innovation. That’s why we put security centre stage. CaseLines allows courts to take control of their security processes to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of court records.

Key Features

  • ANAB accredited ISO27001/IEC17021 & CJIS compliant
  • Secure cloud-based security
  • Full audit trail of all actions

Cloud convenience

Using the Cloud enables all parties to collaborate anytime, anywhere. It also allows judges to work remotely, giving them the opportunity to read and review bundles from home before a hearing. And it opens up a new world of more efficient online and virtual hearings, as well as secure in-court conferencing and role validation.

CaseLines comes with all the tools that judges and lawyers need to review vast amounts of documentary and multimedia evidence. They can search documents, make comments and instantly share their notes.

Key Features

  • Global real time collaboration
  • Remote working
  • Virtual hearings
  • Evidence Review tools

More efficient courts

CaseLines simplifies courtroom presentation. There is no need for specialist setup, separate media players or laborious court support – lawyers can walk into court with just a tablet or laptop. Our Presenter Mode allows them to present with judges, witnesses and other lawyers following automatically.

We know how courts operate and give you the right platform to deliver justice today.

Key Features

  • Time saving – everyone works from the same bundle version
  • Quick and easy to navigate; direct parties to specific pages
  • Annotate and present on any device
  • View multimedia securely in the browser
  • Reduced staff admin time