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Take back control of your digital evidence, from crime scene to courtroom

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Digital media evidence is producing new challenges for police and law enforcement agencies across the globe. The mass expansion of video evidence requires fresh approaches to evidence data handling to manage mounting CCTV, first responder call recordings, interview evidence, body worn cameras and dashcams footage data.  With over 6 billion smartphones predicted by 2020 the deluge of digital evidence ranging from WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger content, Uber information, Snapchat, geo-tagging locations and time stamps is a mounting pressure for justice in the 21st century.

The days of megabytes are over. Petabytes of digital information are becoming the norm. Yet despite this surge in media content there are few purpose built tools available to handle it. Many departments face using manual, paper-based and physical media processes to manage and exchange digital content. This has also been exacerbated by budget constraints and costly and often unsuccessful IT investments.

CaseLines cloud-based collaborative solutions require no capital investment and won’t disrupt your current programs. The solution easily integrates with your existing digital evidence management and records management system to take evidence from crime scene to courtroom, facilitating collaboration with prosecutors and defense attorneys along the way.

CaseLines cloud-based collaborative solution

Crime Scene to Courtroom

Crime Scene to Courtroom

Law enforcement and prosecutors

Providing digital evidence files to prosecutors can waste hours of valuable time ranging from the need to maintain chain of custody, siloed IT systems and security barriers. CaseLines digital evidence delivery platform allows police to create an evidence file ready for prosecutor review, pulling in documentary and digital media evidence from multiple sources (including contributing agencies) into a single file. Once in the system, granular permissions mean that evidence never needs to be reloaded, it can be shared with defense attorneys and the courts as needed.

Key Features

  • Integrates to existing systems
  • Shares large amounts of digital media across agencies
  • Maintains evidence authenticity and integrity
  • Eliminates physical media – no more paper, DVD’s or thumb drives
  • Secures evidence collaboration on multi-agency investigations

Law enforcement and the courts

Law enforcement staff can waste thousands of hours preparing for and attending court hearings. They have to check out and transport physical media to court, and then bring that media back – often with no clear disposal criteria. With CaseLines you only enter evidence once. It is then available at all times to authorised users in the courts and the judiciary. No more time wasted checking out evidence, which means an immediate reduction in overtime budgets. Critically, as CaseLines easily integrates with existing systems, you also get immediate notification of the disposition of cases, giving you further savings.

Key Features

  • Time savings and improved digital media management
  • Evidence immediately available for court or pre-trial motions
  • Complete clarity on dispositions
  • More secure and easier to manage than physical media