Law Firms

Law Firms are under increasing pressure from growing global competition and corporate insourcing. More and more clients are also looking for firms who provide reliable and cost-effective services that utilise today’s technology.  CaseLines offers a complete evidence management platform that delivers secure storage, collaboration and electronic presentation of evidence in one solution. It is a reliable cost-effective solution that delivers for law firms both in and out of court. 

Scalable paperless processes 

Paper is an increasingly expensive and unsustainable burden. But digitising through shared pdfs can never offer the collaboration that law firms and courts demand. Our technology allows law firms to work efficiently using the best tools. CaseLines helps to improve your professional reputation by streamlining practises to ensure secure, collaborative and productive systems that deliver both for you and your clients every day. 

Key Benefits 

  • Single solution to build and present cases 
  • Create sustainable working practices that clients value  
  • Economic solution for any size of firm, any size of case 


Combatting data theft remains a major challenge for law firms. That’s why you need world-class security to ensure the integrity of your client’s records. Secure systems are fundamental for you and your clients to benefit from technological innovation. CaseLines gives you a secure system to store confidential client data safely – a service your clients will value. 

Key Features 

  • ISO27001 accredited  
  • Microsoft tier four Azure cloud  
  • Full audit trail of all actions 


The best law firms don’t settle for the status quo: they continually look for ways to offer a better service to their clients. Using the latest legal technology to redefine legal practise will give you an undoubted competitive advantage. By streamlining outdated processes CaseLines increases your productivity so that the same amount of resources can deliver more cases, faster.  

Key Features 

  • Adopt innovative streamlined systems 
  • Increase productivity to free up staff time for clients 
  • Securely collaborate on cases 
  • Create Orders collaboratively with opposing party for judge approval   

Designed for today’s world 

We live in a time where client expectations have never been higher. So it is vital that you combine innovative technology with traditional techniques to stay competitive. Using pioneering practises helps you make time for what matters most: your clients. CaseLines keeps you better informed by giving you access to key information anytime, anywhere. By combining the interactivity of paper with the security of cloud technology it transforms your ability to collaborate anywhere, any time to ensure you stay ahead of the pack.  

 Key Features 

  • Review documents in one place, anywhere 
  • Collaborate locally, nationally, globally  
  • Deliver more for your clients 

 Court Ready from First Upload 

The legal world moves fast: evidence should too. The moment evidence is uploaded to CaseLines it becomes searchable, available to those with case access and can be presented in court. Evidence has moved beyond written documentation: that’s why we let you to upload video into the case file to ensure all evidence is kept in the same place. However, not all evidence should be viewed by all parties. That’s why we give case creators control on who sees what, and which case files they have access to. CaseLines also simultaneously redacts evidence across multiple bundles and specific parties to ensure the integrity of your client’s sensitive data.  

 Key Features 

  • Case creation and presentation in one solution 
  • Full case access control 
  • Redact across multiple bundles