CaseLines, the only cloud-based evidence management platform, liberates you from the restrictions of paper-based bundles.

Local government delivers a range of legal services that are under increasing pressure from diminishing budgets and ever-growing case demands. CaseLines addresses those problems with cost effective, proven technology that will transform the way you work within traditional legal processes.

“ CaseLines has fundamentally improved the way we get our cases in order. It has quickly become a critical resource for lawyers and support staff.”

Warren Shackleton, Senior Solicitor, Brent Council

Local Government

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Cost Saving Paperless Processes

CaseLines will save you far more than it costs to implement, making it truly affordable even if you have reduced budgets. Recoup your initial investment in months.

It is a trusted solution used by local authorities across the UK. One customer has recorded a conservatively estimated cost reduction of £70 per hearing equating to a direct cost saving of over £60,000 in their first year.

Our innovative technology lets you build and present cases in one system while streamlining the way you work through legal processes, enhancing performance and cutting costs. It is collaborative and secure – unlike shared PDFs that may be seen by the wrong parties, risking punitive financial costs.

CaseLines improves the experience for all users by giving them easy, protected access to a single, up-to-date and dependable version of truth.

Cost saving paperless processes

Undeniable efficiency savings:

  • No expensive paper to purchase
  • Abolish printing, storing and secure shredding
  • An end to secure DX services – share bundles securely with courts and other stakeholders, such as external counsel, at the touch of a button
  • Send/receive bundles in excess of imposed MB limits
  • Eliminate admin time wasted on updating and  re-issuing bundles and reduce email traffic between staff
  • Seamlessly export bundles for storage in CMS at case-end
  • Procure in weeks – not months
  • Be up-and-running instantly
  • No server installations – no hassle for IT teams
  • Free, instant software upgrades for life
Cost saving paperless processes


Local governments are responsible for huge quantities of confidential data and must comply with strict data protection laws to avoid unintentional disclosure. But once a PDF is emailed you no longer have any control of sensitive data.

Security is at the heart of our platform to ensure dependable justice. That’s why our secure system gives you complete control over who may or may not access a case to ensure that you know where sensitive data is at all times




  • Reduced risk of data loss
  • ISO27001 accredited
  • Secure cloud-based platform to share data
  • Full audit trail of all actions
legal practise
legal practise

Legal Practice

Local government legal practices span numerous areas within multiple court jurisdictions and need a standardised scalable solution. CaseLines supports local governance through easy-to-use, intuitive technology that meets manifold needs.

Our solution removes the need for photocopiers, filing cabinets and expensive on-site servers to let you put resources where they are needed most.



  • Scalable solution
  • Reduced staff admin time
  • Seamlessly integrates with IKEN and Civica case management systems
legal practise

“Even in the first few weeks of using the multiple bundle functionality, we have been able to manage our cases more efficiently. Local solicitors also came on board very quickly.”

Andrea Kilby, Business Development Manager Orbis Public Law

family courts

Going to court

Enthusiastically endorsed by judges across the UK, and approved for use by HMCTS , CaseLines helps local authority solicitors interact more efficiently with the courts.

As a fully digital platform it offers instant access to a single version of a bundle in an easily transportable, paperless format. CaseLines speeds up hearings so solicitors spend less time in court, and reduces the number of adjournments meaning a lower number of hearings per case.

As a proven system CaseLines can deliver a fully digitised modern justice system to any UK courtroom, today.



  • Reduced number of trips to court
  • Time saving – everyone has all case data in the same bundle
  • Annotate and present on any device
family courts

For Judges

Judges are at the forefront of modernising justice systems. CaseLines gives you the ability to build an efficient courtroom that inspires public confidence and upholds the rule of law. Cases can now be prepared anytime, anywhere without the weight of paper (literally) holding you down.

CaseLines is here for your court now. As a proven system there are no teething problems, development time or the need for consultants. We can deliver a fully digitised modern justice system for your courtroom today.

Key Features

  • Time saving
  • Fast access to case information
  • All case data available in the same place

“A huge improvement on paper bundles; for example my current 12-day case must be more than 1,000 pages. I can’t take that home.”

His Honour Judge Peter Nathan