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Get on top of rising caseloads and soaring costs.

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As case loads continue to rise, tribunals must innovate to ensure their practices enable them to hit time sensitive service targets.

That is why CaseLines is designed to streamline processes, shorten hearings, improve efficiency, enable paperless hearings and make life easier for all concerned.

To put it simply, CaseLines reduces the many costs of enforcing regulation.

“It makes the task of collating, reviewing and annotating evidence so much easier for everyone involved, and crucially helps to speed up the decision-making process.”

Sara Jagger, Director of Legal and Enforcement, The Bar Standards Board

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More efficient

No more sending documents out by email or tracking down couriers at all times of day … or night. Our simple, intuitive system lets anyone upload documents and send them electronically, allowing all parties to read them instantaneously.

Documents can be easily added to electronic witness bundles, avoiding delays caused by manually updating paper bundles at the last minute. In addition, multimedia evidence can be uploaded and presented within the bundle keeping all case evidence in one location.

CaseLines also helps prevent evidence being introduced during a hearing, which can lengthen hearing times. While more effective caseload management helps achieve target wait times.

  • Better evidence management reduces time to complete cases
  • Maintain an indexed, fully paginated bundle that is unaffected by late arriving documents
  • Fast access to ‘late’ documents uploaded just before a hearing
  • Fewer adjournments due to lack of time
  • Intuitive system – minimal training required

Cost saving

For professions having to pay for proceedings the financial savings in putting cases together make the whole process more cost effective.

CaseLines puts an end to printing, filing, storing, shipping and shredding paper costs. It also makes collating cases into indexed bundles easier, faster and more accurate, while the expense and need to travel to attend meetings is drastically reduced thanks to convenient video conferencing.

  • Economic for all tribunal case loads and large or small cases
  • No costly paper bundles to collate
  • No more courier delivery costs
  • Redeploy staff to more productive activities

Data protection

CaseLines is far more secure than trusting sensitive documents to the post or couriers. Likewise sending electronic documents via email also presents a security risk once the attachment is downloaded onto a local computer. This is especially vital when handling sensitive personal data.

By reducing possible data protection breaches, the risk of complaints, reputational damage, intervention by the Information Commissioner and sanctions is substantially lessened.

  • Less chance of mislaid or corrupted evidence
  • Invitation-only access to evidence
  • Fully traceable Audit Trail – effortless version control
  • Certified to ISO 27001 for Information Security Management

Trusted system

Designed for the legal world, CaseLines has been put to the test in law firms, local governments and courts around the world.

Our system is proven to handle high volumes of documents cost-effectively. This means regulatory bodies can be sure that there is no risk of a high-cost customised document management system failing.

  • Ideal for light or document heavy cases
  • Convenient Cloud-based collaboration

“Implementing CaseLines is part of an initiative to deliver strategic operational benefits, including cost efficiencies and time savings and digital access for all Tribunal users.”

Daveena Ogene, Head of Case Management, Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal

Reduce stress

We recognise that many tribunals have a strategic focus on the way cases are managed and the need to support those involved.

More effective evidence management reduces stress for people appearing before a regulatory body, and for those awaiting an outcome at a time where emotions can often be running high.

  • Shorter hearings and time to completion
  • Fewer adjournments
  • Instant access to all evidence at all times for everyone

Adjournment access

Regular access to documents during adjournments is vital to maintain the integrity of a fair hearing process where there are unavoidable delays.

CaseLines offers easy online access by tribunal members, assessors, legal clerks, respondents or registrants, to marked-up bundles to help quickly and accurately refresh memories in long running, multiple or delayed cases.

  • Immediate access to the latest evidence at all times
  • No more out-of-date or mislaid paper evidence bundles
  • Reduce reading time, speeding up hearings
  • Notes added to the bundle are maintained during the lifecycle of a case

True digitisation

With rising case loads there is increasing demand for regulatory bodies and tribunals to deliver ever-greater innovation to drive down the cost of regulation.

Adopting the CaseLines system will not only make your regulatory processes more robust, but also raise your credibility through digital innovation.

  • Delivers environmental benefits of a paperless system
  • Eliminates rising paper handling costs
  • No more unsecure, unconnected PDFs
  • Advanced cloud-based collaboration
  • Proven technology – highest security levels
  • Easy version control with full Audit Trail