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CaseLines is ideal for virtual hearings. It allows parties to review evidence from anywhere in the world in advance of and during hearings. CaseLines complements conferencing tools that allow you to be seen and heard – with CaseLines everyone gets to see the evidence clearly as well.

In a CaseLines virtual hearing everyone is always on the same page and remote presentation tools ensure quick movement of the participants to the right documents and media evidence as the hearing progresses.

Virtual presentation

Have an internet connection? Then you are ready to go. The CaseLines eBundle can be used alongside any conferencing tool making it easy to hold virtual meetings and hearings:

Key features

  • Everyone works from a single version of the bundle
  • Direct judge and witnesses automatically to documents or video
  • Stamp documents that were referred to in the hearing

Digital Preparation

Access to CaseLines via your browser means that you can prepare for a hearing as easily from home as from the office. CaseLines creates a dynamic, automatically paginated and indexed eBundle that is presentation-ready from first upload. It also gives you the flexibility to create hearing and party specific eBundles in one central repository.

You can upload PDFs, Word documents, Excel spread sheets, multimedia files and even scanned handwritten notes. Once uploaded all documentation within your eBundle is fully searchable.
Sophisticated redaction tools identify and redact key terms. When a new document is added it automatically identifies any new redactions that need to be made.

Key features

  • Presentation-ready from first upload
  • Automatically paginated and indexed
  • Fully searchable
  • Multimedia friendly
  • Redaction suite

Secure Sharing

CaseLines gives you flexible end-to-end case access for complete control. By inviting users to access evidence in one location, you can securely grant time restricted, file restricted and redacted case access.

Our sub bundle feature allows you to create specific eBundles that only hold necessary documents – without the need to duplicate files. You can add specific pages, documents or sections and then share them with specific personnel.

CaseLines also connects to e-filing systems through our eBridge tool. Once you have created an eBundle you can download a one-page PDF document and submit it to the court, either by email or court eFiling system. From that point on, secure access to the latest version of your eBundle is available via the links in the eBridge one-page PDF.

Key features

  • Less chance of mislaid or corrupted evidence
  • Invitation-only access to evidence
  • Fully traceable Audit Trail – effortless version control
  • Certified to ISO 27001 for Information Security Management

Purpose built tools

Using the right tools is critical to staff morale and productivity. CaseLines turns hours of work into minutes and ensures evidence is shared with and gets filed on a timely basis!

CaseLines gives remote working teams the purpose-built tools they need to securely build, review and present eBundles in a single system. They can make private notes, or share notes with chosen colleagues or everyone with access to the bundle – with easy ways to respond to notes.

Key features

  • Add private and shared notes
  • Respond to notes in real time
  • Bundle mark-up with pen notes