Terms And Conditions

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  • Customer Terms and Conditions – these form the contractual relationship between Netmaster Solutions Ltd and its customers (organisations authorised to create cases using the CaseLines service). These terms include clause which clarify that Netmaster Solutions is the Data Processor, acting on behalf of its customers, who are Data Controllers
  • User Terms and Conditions – all users must agree to the User Terms and Conditions in order to register with CaseLines. These terms include clauses which bind all users to maintain privacy and security in respect of material within CaseLines to which they are granted access.

The provisions of the User Terms and Conditions establish the principle conditions that would otherwise be incorporated within a Data Sharing Protocol, and thus make it possible for data controllers to share data with users with whom they might otherwise not have contractual relationships and thereby achieve the collaborative purposes for which CaseLines is intended.

User Terms And Conditions

Data Privacy